Annual Grandin Road Christmas Parade - Covid Update

In a year of uncertainty, one thing is certain - the Grandin Village will celebrate the holidays in 2020! For over forty years, the Grandin Road Business Association and the Raleigh Court Neighborhood Association have hosted a children’s themed Holiday Parade. Often called the kick-off event for the holidays, the parade will be temporarily replaced this year with a lit community tree. Located in the courtyard at Heights Community Church, the community is invited to decorate the tree with theme-appropriate holiday decorations.

The tree is available to the public from Saturday, November 21, 2020, to Thursday December 31, 2020. Decorations will be removed Monday, December 28th and all decorations will be moved into a bin and placed on the lower church porch. You may come claim your decorations until noon on Thursday, December 31 at which time any unclaimed decorations will be discarded or donated as deemed appropriate.

Guidelines for decorations:

- This is a Christmas Holiday tree intended to show Peace, Hope, and Love. Your decorations should radiate those attributes.

- GVBA reserves the exclusive right to remove any ornament or decoration deemed to be offensive or inappropriate.

- No glass

- No batteries

- Nothing flammable

- No light strands

- Do not climb the tree. Place ornaments only as high as you can reach.

Display guidelines will also be posted on-site using a QR code from a cell phone or tablet.